Custom Jeep, Truck & Vehicle Suspension in East Windsor, CT

One of the most important aspects of any SUV that is taken on the trails is the suspension. Having the proper suspension will make it much easier for you to be able to go over any rock, rut, stump, or log and also allow you to go through water, mud, sand or snow! But, getting that suspension that you need can be a tough task if you are not exactly sure what you need or where to go, but here at ACI Auto Group in East Windsor, CT</strong you will get the chance to work with knowledgeable technicians who can help guide you into the proper suspension set-up for your needs and make sure it is installed correctly.

Once you make your way over to our dealership for help setting up for SUV with be proper suspension components, you will quickly realize that our dealership is the place for all of your automotive needs. We are able to offer you an incredible level of service that can make getting these additions and upgrades much easier. Our staff members are able to offer you the numerous different lift kits, leveling kits, fully independent suspension kits, more aggressive tires, and underbody protection that will make any trail easy to handle.

Working with our dealership will ensure that drivers from Enfield, Hartford, and Manchester, CT are able to go anywhere and do anything. We excel at making SUVs the off-road monsters that they can be and will give you the help along the way. Each team member will make it their goal to continually make sure your SUV is receiving the attention it deserves and we will keep you in the loop of what needs to be done.

Here at ACI Auto Group</strong it has never been easier to get your SUV performing at the levels you have been dreaming of thanks to our staff and ability to offer you all of the upgraded suspension components you could need. Come on over to our dealership today and we will make sure you are prepared to get everything your SUV could need. See you soon!


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