AuctionDirect is our buying service that allows car and truck buyers nationwide to purchase their next vehicle at wholesale pricing. AuctionDirect is a great way to own a quality car without the hassle of shopping from dealer to dealer and save thousands in the process. Below are some common questions along with an explanation of the AuctionDirect process.

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How much will I save using AuctionDirect?

You can expect to save between $2,000 and $3,000 using AuctionDirect versus buying from a retail dealer. Most used vehicles that are sold by a dealer are priced $3,000 to $4,000 above the dealers actual cost (with $500.00 to $1,000 of wiggle room built in). Because we work on YOUR behalf as YOUR agent, you pay the TRUE wholesale cost plus a $600.00 service fee.

What does it cost to use AuctionDirect?

Our buyers fee of $600.00 is added to the price of the car. A $500.00 refundable deposit is collected in advance. Depending on where on the country the car is purchased additional transportation charges may apply. The total cost is explained in the example below. For illustrative purposes we will assume the vehicle in the sample below sold for $15,000.00: The cost of the car: $15,000.00 AuctionDirect fee: $600.00 Transportation (to our dealership): $165.00 Subtotal: $15,765.00 Less Deposit: -$500.00 Balance Due: $15,265.00
Depending on the distance from auction to our dealership, transportation costs may in fact be less than $165.00. Rarely does transportation exceed $165.00.In any event you will be notified in advance if transportation costs are expected to exceed $165.00.

How do you ensure a quality vehicle?

We take numerous steps to ensure the quality of our purchases. First and foremost, unless you instruct us otherwise, we will purchase your vehicle only from a licensed vehicle manufacturer or finance company. This ensures a true one owner, lease return, or executive demonstrator. While some dealers may attempt to hide known defects when selling their cars, the manufacturers and their agents have too much at stake to attempt this type of trickery. Buying from "the source" greatly limits any exposure. We buy from the same source as your local franchised dealer. Our cars just cost less.

What services do you offer for my new car?

Every AuctionDirect purchase includes a complementary "Plan1" vehicle service. Many buyers take advantage of our discounted service plans and choose to have routine maintenance done prior to taking delivery of the car. Below is a chart of the additional services we offer and the affiliated costs. We would like to stress that these services are optional. While most customers do take advantage of at least one service, you do not have to buy any additional service to participate in the AuctionDirect program.
Basic (PLAN 1) service - Free with all vehicles and includes an 82 point safety inspection, Carfax history report, oil change, lubricate body fittings. Printed condition report detailing state of the vehicle and recommended services (if any).
Expanded (PLAN 2 ) service - Plan 1 plus flush and replace coolant, replace auxiliaries drive belts, replace air filter cartridge. $269.00
Expanded Plus (PLAN 3) ? Plan 2 plus install new spark plugs and adjust settings to factory specifications. $299.00
Ala Carte Offerings Brakes
(PLAN B2) Front or Rear brakes and rotors. Includes brakes and rotors on two wheels only (front or rear). $349.00
Brakes (PLAN B4) Front AND Rear brakes and rotors. Includes brakes and rotors on all four wheels. $579.00 Replace
Timing Belt (PLAN T1) - Includes replacement of both the timing belt and accessory drive belt. $249.00
Wax and Shampoo (PLAN C1) ? Complete cleaning, interior shampoo and exterior hand wax. $165.00

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. In addition to our standard warranty most vehicles are still covered by the original manufactures warranty. This warranty transfers automatically to the new owner and is valid in all 50 states.
We do offer extended warranties comparable to the franchised dealers "Certified Pre-Owned" 100,000 mile warranties. Typically our warranty's offer longer and more flexible coverage than what is available at a retail dealership. Our extended warranty's are valid nationwide. The cost varies depending on the term of the warranty and the current mileage on the vehicle. Please call us directly for an exact quote. In most cases warranties can be financed into the price of the car.

Tips on using AuctionDirect

Experience has shown that by using these small but helpful tips you'll be sure to get the most out of the process.
1. Do your homework. Visit your local dealer to test drive the car you desire. Make a list of options you'd like and categorize them as follows: Must have, would likes, don't want.
2. Price Shop. Get online, call dealers, look in the books. Get an idea of the going price for the vehicle you'd like.

Regarding Price and Mileage:

Here are some great tips regarding price, mileage and the respective availability.
- Cars under 30,000 miles Command top price. Usually have a lot of time left on factory warranty.
- Cars with 35,000 to 45,000 miles These make a good value. Sufficient factory warranty left. Prices are steady. Supply is steady.
- Cars with 45,000 to 50,000 miles ? Best value. Price begins to drop off. Many of the best deals are in this mileage range.
- Cars with 50,000 miles and up - Best overall price play. Prices drop significantly. Adding an extended warranty makes this a great choice.